I wrote this article at the back end of 2019 and coming into 2020 - I did get a strong sense of something powerful unfolding then, a raising of the shadowside and a division of paths, with those seizing the spiritual opportunity digging deep - do refresh the article because it offers what I believe to be important advice and info on how to navigate forwards through these turbulent times in the shift.

A new cycle of density is beginning - I can feel the storm clouds building towards the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Round 2 of the plandemonium is beginning and it's all leading towards an economic reset where society is restructured economically - I've written about that today too in this blog post update... Financial Reset Ahead

It's all designed to keep things locking down and reshaping according to the controllers ultimate agenda - a highly regulated, high tech synthetic agenda. But as I said in my recent video, Entering a 3D 5D Hybrid State, the controllers will not get it all their own way, far from it. Strong uprisings are happening around the world and the "white hats" are also steering things in a way so as to allow more light to come through.

All of this is sure to activate your karma, which is what our group here in the Ascension Activations at the moment are also moving into. So if things feel dense and tough at times right now, don't worry, you're right where you need to be. Let this arising of shadow bring a beneficial purpose to your emergence and your higher dimensional shift. Let's work through and light up, as if you have a choice!....