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Thank you Open – you have given me much to work with !

I did use the Chakra Attunement Meditation this morning and found as soon as I reached my heart I was moved to tears is a very beautiful way. Also I released blocked energy from my throat (I’m guessing the creative block) – it felt really positive! I appreciate that while there was a time to consciously move away from discipline and routine in my life that it’s time to bring back discipline so far as my spiritual practice is concerned and thank you for pointing that out.

I have experienced my twin flame before – (not sure how to refer to it but it felt like a ‘him’ – it was an energy not a person) he really helped in a supportive role at a difficult and crucial point in my journey and I was sad when the time came for him to take a step back. I would be thrilled to re-connect with him.

These are indeed exciting times for me, exciting and humbling.

I can’t express my gratitude for your encouragement and advice, but I hope you can feel it through the ether, together with my heartfelt love.

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