Hi Melynda - thankyou for your sharing and kind words of resonance Heart

I completely feel for you in your challenge and can greatly empathise...

I have always been a bit ahead of the wave with understanding, galactic connections, seeing and experiencing spirits, deep inner knowings and a relationship with the divine that just being me set me very far apart from others and has always felt lonely. In the past When I authentically speak my perspective/truth I was mocked, disregarded and invalidated. I fear rejection as though all the power/anger/passion and intensity may take me over.

Yes, if you're following this work, we are ahead of the wave, so sometimes it can feel pretty lonely. I've had that to deal with myself. But there's a great opening right now, where people are ready and willing to embrace the greater cosmic picture. So take heart, we're on the cusp of change The Sun Emoji

A couple of things land intuitively. Firstly to inquire, what circles were you expressing your truth in? And what did that look like? Discernment is going to be utterly essential to us. Some people will be so afraid of what is coming they have to attack the messenger to protect their landscape so they don't have to fully confront the truth. My advice is to let go of any need for them to 'get it'. Quite simply, the majority won't! And trying to get them to understand you or your higher truth will likely only wind them up.

In which case, how to honour your own soul? (because this is essential too of course).

What I find is that when I'm in dialogue with people who are unwilling or not ready to get it, the tendency is to say much less. Not to agree if I don't feel to either though. Just allowing whilst retaining the inner smile about your own truth. But what we can also do, is feel the connection at a soul level - because a dance in the ether will be happening too.

I can sense that there might be some karma around persecution in a past life - for having a higher dimensional view - being some kind of Oracle. So it will be important to process this. My suggestion is to picture yourself stepping out into a landscape that might not accept you and feel the inner contractions/reactions. Let them animate and express. Become as-one with the situation - not needing it to be any other way. Then looking for the new aspect of soul that wants to come through and be awesomely okay in the situation. What does that feel like?

So these would be my suggestions. Knowing that now is the time to step forth and be all that we can. But choose your 'battles' wisely. Be careful of your boundaries.

Much love

Open Praying Emoji