Hi Vimal - good to hear from you.

The conscious community sounds a tremendous opportunity, in many ways. From what you've described it will present many possibilities for doing things that feed your soul.

It's also good that you see the patriach projection in the lead character. This is not a problem, providing you see it. You have to activate it somehow in order to process it. So having all these things come in in awareness is a positive move.

In terms of 'teaching' kids, I can offer from the experience of home education with an emerging star soul (what you might call an Indigo). The most important thing I've found is to help empower them rather than teach. So it's to encourage their own realisation into something... "what so you feel about this?" "What is your truth on that?" And when they are engaged in something, "how could you do that better?" "How can it feel more 'right' to you?"

I assume you'll have some standard work to get through and that you might have to follow - which is fine. But as much as possible, seek to empower with a question and maximum involvement.

Do share how you get on - I am intrigued!

Much love

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