Hi Open, 

Absolutely loved this. Thank you so much for sharing! Divine timing as always. 


Making the decision to follow your intuition and live your spirit is relatively straightforward; carrying it out isn’t always easy to do, however. Recently I have been doing a lot of work on my triggers. Because yep, I’ve got plenty of them! And some days my triggers are just getting out of control. When something triggers me, it feels like no matter how self aware I am, I can't stop the reaction after the stimulus. I would get triggered, and the feelings of fear, anger or frustration would wash over me. I would feel cortisol flood through my cells and heat would rush through my entire body. And the thing is, this reaction usually happens so quickly, like a flash of lightning. It is so fast, I can't seem to catch it before it has wreaked its havoc... which is no fun for me, my poor adrenals, or for anyone around me! 

And yes, I understand that when we get triggered by someone or something is that we react from a triggered place and that person/situation is actually giving us an enormous spiritual opportunity to look at that trigger and heal it. So I usually ask ‘What feeling is being triggered within me and why?’ But sometimes it seems deeper than I think and not always I can get to the core of it. 

And even though I know I need to choose to remain the witness, and respond and not react - it’s easier said than done…

Last but not least, I heard the following recently and it got stuck in my head (maybe because I’m often so afraid of not messing everything up):

“Fall in love with the mess of your life. Because if you love the mess enough, you will become a mess-iah.” :)