I love the quote Desi, "falling in love with the mess in your life!" Slightly Smiling

Indeed. And you ask a great question about the triggers in life - the mess.

The point is it's not about avoiding the triggers, because these are where the nuggets of soul gold, of Beingness, are to be found. It's allowing them to express, because this then allows realignment of the expression to happen. But if you're understandably reticent or afraid of doing this in the moment, then I would suggest regressing into the situation in meditation afterwards, just as we do on the courses and retreats. That way you get to see and feel the attachment so as to unravel and unwind it. Then progressively, you find the authentic expression comes through in those moments in life when they repeat.

Ultimately, it's about getting inside the loop of the trigger and breaking it open, to create the space for authentic beingness to come through.

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