Hi Open,

Thank you for the article. Triggers are a big topic indeed because let’s face it: triggers are going to happen. We can’t go through life wrapped in cotton wool, and we can’t control other people but we can delve deep and spark massive internal shifts.

I will share a recent personal experience:

There is one person in my life (let’s call her Angie) that I get massively triggered by. The other day I was on the phone to Angie when she said something that got me all emotionally charged. After I hung up the phone, I turned to one of my friends — who could clearly see I was triggered — and said, ‘What the heck, she is always so triggering!’.

My friend looked at me, and said ‘No honey, it’s not that Angie is triggering… it’s that you yourself are getting triggered.’

 … Ouch! When you’re in that triggered state, no one wants to hear that. Later on that day when I sat down on my meditation mat and closed my eyes I asked myself these questions….

 What did Angie trigger within me?

Frustration is what came up.

Why did this trigger frustration?

Because in that moment, on the phone with her, I didn’t feel heard.

Why does feeling heard matter so much to me?

Well, because as a child most of the time I didn't feel like my parents listened to me.


My trigger actually had nothing to do with Angie — who did actually listen to me — and everything to do with my past experience of not feeling heard. I was awed of how much gold there is in something that can be so easily bypassed J