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I'm grateful that Joaquin Phoenix used the power of his acceptance speech to highlight the most important things in life, in particular being a voice for the most voiceless and speaking to the normalizing of speciesism. One day, we will no doubt all view abusing animals as unacceptable as any of the other isms.

I resonate with the deep love and probable despair for the animals plight which he embodies as he speaks from his heart and soul. His compassionate  angst is clear, no doubt because he knows what a great opportunity and responsibility this was for him to speak as he did, eve n though it could impact his career. Though I'd say this film would be a fantastic high for anyone to achieve, I thought it was a sensitive depiction of mental health challenges and shadow nature. Bravo to JP all round.

It's only recently coming to light how about how, as a species we've been spiritually corrupted conditioned to partake in the most horrendous abuse by being consumers of the animal agriculture industry. When we wake up to the extreme abuse in literally every single aspect of this industry, it's like walking in hell, as the those around us slowly awaken to the truth too, but weirdly, many denounce it, citing the messenger of compassion as an enemy. Best

The trembling JP exhibits, suggests his mindful potential for cataylsing awakening, and the inherent responsibility to share that to help liberate others - human and animal - both share sentience and right of life. I respect that he has the courage to embrace his moral agency whilst at work, and allow that to be seen, particularly as you say when there's often more of perhaps a veneer adopted at these kind of ceremonies. I gather the Dairy industry have criticised him for his speech, they're in decline, and don't want anyone speeding that trend by showing the truth of it.

Joaquin has been doing the Cube of Truth activism in London recently, and often attends other street activism events around the world, so I can only feel a deep love and respect for anyone who is an embodies being a voice for the voiceless by aligning their way of living with their values. It's one of the clearest measures of an evolved consciousness imo, and something that faux spirituality often avoids. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to adopt a plant based diet, as that's usually the aspect people are attached to not wanting to change.

I hope you don't mind me sharing the following supportive resources for anyone interested in embracing more compassion choices or exploring veganism. But feel free to edit of course.

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