Dear Open, 

The lock down has obviously trigerred major karma for me. I was feeling very frustrated at the control to begin with. As I normalized with that and accepted that to a degree however, I felt deep grief for all the souls caught up in the control paradigm that will now be left with no jobs or food or shelter. For me that manifested as a deep ache in my solar plexus a Chakra I have never previously connected with very much. My distraction usually is stress eating or random readi g to get away from the uncomfortable sensations.

Yesterday I did the Chakra attunement and then also heard a track by Tom Kenyon from an album called Chakra clearing which is specific for Chakras. I was still unable to get what this attachment was. 

Today whole driving back from work I took a detour to distribute rice to migrant workers walking miles on foot with all their possessions over their head. 

And I howled my eyes out! I felt such helplessness and rage at the system and then I saw how I have been blaming myself for not helping enough in Sirius. I blamed myself and doubted myself for how things went south there. And that was what the karma was. Again I saw a group of greys swirling around. I tried to connect to angels to clear them. I'm not sure if I did.

Something got unlocked I think. This karma has been around for a while and I was never really able to feel into it properly. I still have a lot of grief and self doubt and self blame to process, but it's moving.

In a dream I saw an ancestral house that was mine fill up with water and streams flowing out of it. A little girl guided me to the house and showed me secret passages in it. And I saw my long dead Grandma who woke up after a long sleep.

It seemed important to mention the Sirius Karma.