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Dear Open, 

Thank you for the confirmation. It is evident to me now after a lot of howling and not the nicest of reactions to my solar dree plexus pain, that I am deeply attached to multitudes NOT dying. These insights came to me after 2 days of howling my eyes out and then doing the Openhand Bow and after attending the Live stream yesterday

I am so ANGRY for people not seeing how they are being manipulated, to allowing millions to die because they are hooked into fear etc etc.. And it just occurred to me now how it would have been so much more convenient if I had incarnated to Switzerland or even the US where the human cost would have been much less stark and obvious. 😊

And yet here I am. In India where I cannot avert my gaze or paper over what I see. This is obviously a massive soul lesson for me. And perhaps the gifts will come in layers, but for now I see how I am attempting to convince people on a mental plane about the futility of these efforts at ' social distancing'. And yet, in a way that's silly isn't it. The whole point of the game is consciousness. And ' convincing' anybody out there has nothing to do with what the purpose of this massive upheaval. 

I also recognize how I try to impact the field by using Fear myself ( fear of food riots) to get people to 'change their minds'. 

Ahhhhh. I have so much to unravel in the mental plane don't I? And yet as the layers come into consciousness, I am noticing my doubt becoming just another voice, rather than a control mechanism. In the sense I can see how I fall into doubt and so am not completely taken over by it. 

I apologize for hogging this thread and hope there is some insight for someone out there. 

Deep love to all in these interesting times!