I cherish the (inappropriate word of your choice said with zest ;) out of you and the gift you gave me.  I have been in hiding, because I constantly channel (though it is cool stuff the divine is providing) and it has made me uneasy interacting in society alone.  The thing that was the most disarming for me is that I have been (literally recording my face, because the divine guided me to and NEVER posting...retreating from social media as much as possible.  this "hermit" phase gave me things that I am certain were more "hard won" than they had needed to be...I hear your smiling smirk of loving knowing.  That said, my wrecking ball nature ended up having 2019 kick the (choice word again) out of me; forged, iron by water.  completion.  I know me for real now, but...I have no direction, though I am in motion...I have known of this and do not feel at all afraid and, literally, just lost every single thing.  I have nothing, except my energetic currency, which is of the highest value I have come to find...I no longer choose to agree to the contract that paper says means something.  We ALL HAVE THE HERITAGE OF BEING HUMAN. It is now coalescing that is imperative; the closer we get to "wishing/hoping/praying/meditating...choice word again..." for the same unconditionally loving healing for the planet, the unity consciousness can form with energy directed towards it being your value, your currency.  from the moment you existed, as a human being, you already had and were every great thing and well deserving of it...no thing has changed in that regards.  Please allow me, if there is authentic need, to contribute in any way that I am able to in soothing and serving our fellow human beings who need compassionate care or guidance towards navigating their energetic value...so much love to all.