Openhand.....I am well on the awakening journey.  Have been bruised all over
Dbody and soul, time and again in my current vessel, learning from those
blows, and flowing with it now.   

Triggers...the first was during intensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.  I was home, life was messy; disowned by family, friends dropping off, no longer able to work, no longer knew who I was.  It was a physical blow to my body, doubled over with a pain unlike anything else.  Knocked over, on the floor, crawling, bawling, then curled up into a ball and let it out....then wrote and wrote and wrote.  Recording for myself the sufferings survived, and gratefully acknowledging what the teachings were.

That was in March, 2019.  Since then, through mindfulness and self kindness, am empowered with a new ability to observe my thoughts and emotions, and question myself...and dig deep down into my core.  I can then accept what I cannot change, change what I can, confident that I now know the difference.

The biggest breakthrough has been to honour my breath.  As soon as an unsettling stirring is felt, I choose to remember my breath, then work through the thoughts.  
My journey has been very enlightening, reprogramming my mind with unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, and love for the past three years, albeit alone.  Have lost multiple relationships,and redefined others.  I understand my path and purpose.  Working the inside to ‘weed the garden’ full time....

I have been called “Home”.  Moving there next week - visions are abounding as the previous one comes to fruition!!!!