25/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: Greetings fellow cosmic time travellers! How are you doing in this incredible shift? Well I trust Slightly Smiling

I felt to share this article above today, based on how to become the divine alchemist, including 5 essential keys. We're moving through times of dramatic change where everything is shifting and transforming. It's because the energy field that forms the bedrock of society is actually terraforming. A lot of people will go into fear, anxiety and doubt about that as their lives are required to change. However, anxiety is the other side of the coin to adventure and excitement - they're quite similar experiences, the difference being how you respond or react to them.

Here's a phenomenal opportunity in life that doesn't come around too often - where everything is changing to let go, and come back into the infinite potential inside of you. You will need to soften and surrender into that. You do it by recognising those places where you get tight and anxious. Breathe, soften the body in movement, calm the mind, be present in this moment of now; realise you're involved in a journey of self discovery. Now as you breathe, let active attention be drawn to signs and synchronicity - where to place your attention now. Ask, "show me!" Then wait for the Universe to respond. It always does. Next is to step boldy in that direction which starts to materialise - the path will speak into your relationhsips, how to live and work. Now you're flowing with the soul, which will be supported by the universe and highly alchemical.

Finally I felt to share this lovely little video story with you all by way of encouragemnt to go with this transforming flow. It's about the "Little Boat". Enjoy...

In loving support

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