19/02/2021 Activating the Magic of Merlin: I've been guided to head down into South West England this weekend in search of the Magic of Merlin. We're at a precarious point here in Great Britain. They're rolling out the "jibjab" at a ridiculous rate, amongst the very young too, and even more alarming is the desire of the populas to get jabbed. It's a deep concern because of what will come as a result - the risk of the marginalisation and loss of freedoms of those who don't comply. As yet, to my mind, not nearly enough is being done here to challenge the narrative in a practical sense. Some courageous souls are indeed challenging through their actions, but this needs to grow in strength if we're to protect civil liberties. I reflect that observation out to many countries around the world. It's time for action, not just fine words.

With this in heart, Merlin has been calling me these last few days. I know exactly where to find that energy here in the UK - down in the area of Tintagel on the Cornwall Coast - so that's where I'll be going and summoning that energy within - before rippling it further afield.

To me it's all about embodying the Torus but in a multidimensional way. I believe what will help spread the awakening is to come from higher consciousness, especially the 4D where much of the intervention is taking place. We need to open channels of light and ripple them around the planet. It's about feeling the cycle of kundalini coming through you and holding that as an energy that inspires change, uprising, rebellion against restriction, in a myriad of ways.

I invite you to join me this weekend, to tune in to the sense of what I've described and the Openhand energy; to get the kundalini of the torus moving through you that we may inspire a wider shift. Do check out my lead article above...

Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

These days it's important for us all to help work the field and get the light flowing through the density...

See you in the field!

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