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I have been feeling to share here for a while as others been happening lately  both internally and externally. I have been travelling and nowadays it feels more like living and settling than moving. The flow took me to gokarna which is a beautiful beach in karnataka. I was camping there and feeling into a lot of density related to the feeling of aloneness, purposelessness etc. I could feel it slowly opening up through my process of acceptance. I meditated at this beautiful energetic shiva cave and felt into the new emerging beingness , one of power and confidence. And the new feeling always guides to something and I met this amazing musician and spiritual traveller at gokarna who was brimming with creative energy and I have been travelling with him for the last few weeks. My soul was soaring while I was there and I found it really easy to express through music and words. It felt amazing to embody that creative energy. At the moment, I'm at goa which is a very crowded place. You would laugh if you think about Rona or masks or anything here. There's isn't any sign of control or fear which is a very liberating and welcoming reflection. People are happy and enjoying and expressing themselves here. Actually I have rarely seen masks since I have left my place in Kerala. But I'm also hitting a lot of density at the moment here. Choosing the soul is a continuous process isn't it ? Are you sure there isn't a quick fix or anything? :D 

Is this Openhand band idea still ON? I would like to dedicate this tune and lyrics I wrote. I can share it through email. 

Vimal 🙏