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Hi Open,

I was enjoying your video and doing the Toroidal flow activation with you and a loud knocking got my attention.  Tilly was there bringing Merlin.  That was awesome.  I've always been drawn to the Sword & the Stone story since early childhood.

I've noticed we're having historical record breaking cold and ice storms in the U.S.  and it's causing many vaxx sites to be shut down and people are very upset.  I think it's awesome that the weather is slowing down the plan to jab everyone and shutting down vax sites for a while.  I hope some of mankind will be saved from that.  I feel an excitement around all the extreme weather and feel Gaia is moving strongly.  I celebrate it.

Also, I found it funny that the website was sending out lots of blank emails to everyone recently.  I see things in strange ways and thought it was invisible messages coming from your site. lol  I got a good laugh from it.  Feel free to send me 20 more blank "NO SUBJECT" emails and make my day. hahaha  Laughter is so awesome and I love it.

Namaste Praying EmojiHeart