Last week I read a post here, I think from Megha. It was about a virus she'd had which had caused throat problems, which were related to an energy block. That really resonated with me as I'd had a lingering virus which had morphed into laryngitis for two weeks so I decided to explore internally. My throat chakra has given me issues in the past and I have been told that I was hanged for a witch in the past, so perhaps not surprisingly it has had a tendency to cause problems.

When I explored it seemed to be connected to a fear of becoming too powerfully intuitive, which made perfect sense. I managed to clear a lot of the energy, which made instant, considerable improvements, but I still seemed to have some lingering remnants of the problem. I did some work with the Openhand Bow which seems to have cleared the last of it and my voice has returned to normal, but that's not the end of the story.

I have been experiencing a wonderful kundalini attunement over the last year which had gone on pause for the last couple of months (may dad had a fall and subsequently died and I got the virus). After clearing the blockage the kundalini started to flow powerfully again and after an hour of this I felt the need to walk in the woods to let the energy settle and integrate. As usual I asked 'what would you have me know today' as I walked. Nothing much drew my attention until I was leaving the woods. There is a sign telling you about the woods and on the back of this written in the dust were the words 'karma witch' followed by a peace sign. You couldn't make it up!Praying Emoji