Hi Pam - sounds like you're having a great ride indeed - wonderfully revelatory OK Hand Sign

Something you said here offers an essential key to all undertaking kundalini activation/attunement meditations...

I have been experiencing a wonderful kundalini attunement over the last year which had gone on pause for the last couple of months (may dad had a fall and subsequently died and I got the virus). After clearing the blockage the kundalini started to flow powerfully again and after an hour of this I felt the need to walk in the woods to let the energy settle and integrate.

The point about the activation of kundalini, and therefore the liberation of it, is to recognise it's the natural cycle of soul energy down from the source, through the various densities of the bodymind (through their daily activity) and then back to the source again. It's like an electricity circuit.

The point being is that the circuit is not complete without the 'bulb' shining, or the gadget working. The metaphor meaning that the flow of the soul has to happen through the layers of the bodymind and into some kind of external engagement.

So no amount of kundalini activation/attunement is going to work without this integration.

In fact it's dangerous to persist in these activaties/practices unless external integration by the transmission through the chakras is happening at the same time. The risk is to drive the soul out of the body and fragment it. I've seen several people severely disabled as a result.

So it very much looks like you've found a healthy and balanced way - you practice, hit an internal blockage and work it through by the engagement in day-to-day interactions. This I would advocate is the most productive and safe way.

Thanks for sharing

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