Is it possible to cause kundalini fragmentation from too much triggering with not enough time to settle? Yes!

Imagine it this way: the soul has fragmented into the inner densities like layers of an onion. But the ego has bound the layers together into a stable and recognisable form - the ego can function in this 3D reality. What I've witnessed on several occasions, is where too much gets triggered, such that the layers collapse in on themselves. The ego breaks down in one fell swoop. It presents in a psychotic state. What then needs to happen is a committed and progressive integration by locating the fragments through inquiry. Essentially you regress people into each of the activating layers and normalise in them by resonating soul frequencies - the being aligns with the new frequency, the fragment integrates, and the layer of the old onion peels off.

That's why I'm not a great fan of forced kundalini methods or strong plant medicines. Unless that is, it's supported by an intensive integration process.

As you know here at Openhand, we apply steady breathwork, combined with behavioural external integration. Kundalini Activation is managed in a progressive way.

I guess you experienced such fragmentation through excessive triggering?

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