What is 'this' really all about? I mean the 'this' that has finally revealed itself out there? The mirror has just come much more clearly into focus. With every twist and turn, it's challenging you to come out of the shell. The epidemic of madness will twist you up in mind games if you let it. Yet I'm not denying that we still need things from the 3D. What I'm saying, what I'm reflecting, is that you can create in a different way now, a 5D way, one that relies on the miracles and magic.

If you keep playing the old 3D donkey and carrot game, you'll never locate what your soul is really urging you towards. The outer is abundant and plentiful when we create in the right way, the aligned way. Don't jump on every 3D wave that presents itself. Feel into the one that is really yours, one that audibly clicks inside your heart. It requires a good deal of courage and patience to be watching both the external and the internal, at the same time, to find those superlative alignments, the one's that deliver that knowing "aha" moment. It's a bit like a heron, standing in the shallows, absolutely still and patient, knowing that at some point, the right opportunity will swim by.

What I'm speaking of is the actualisation of the Cosmic Divine Being in you. That's what these times are really all about. They're a great test, yes. A great challenge. But you're seeded for this moment. Nothing can be more worthwhile. So if it's not working out there in the 3D, switch your gaze more to the inner heavens. Feel the nuance of every circumstance and situation. Forget about trying to strive for resources or an outcome. Seek only a deeper expression of yourself within the obvious landscape that is shaping around the greater you - compelling you to actualise it. Then you'll find you have all you need. Everything will be delivered.

I think this video coveys the sense of that pretty well...