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You raise a couple of great questions: (1) do thoughts have any value? (2) what is external?

For me, anything that is external to my soul is external, including thoughts and emotions and physical feelings. When you think about it, these are all effected by the external and interact with the external. Do any of these have real value then?

That depends.

If the thoughts and feelings are emanating from interaction with the soul, if the soul is animating them, then yes, to me they have great value - you're mediating the external with truth - the truth from the core of you. If however you're disconnecting from the soul and having idle random throught processing, or if you're performing merely externally programmed actions, then to me they don't have that much value, if at all.

That's why at Openhand we use the tool openway in order to work to always be coming from the soul.

If you keep working to come from the soul, then over time, the external, including how the mind, emotional body and even the physical body will start to come into alignment with the soul. In which case the actions have real value. You're becoming coherent and aligned.

Of course this is a life's work!

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