Hi Open,

That was excellent and very eye opening.  I seem to get more out of listening to you tell it, than by reading the articles, though they too are helpful.  I found this site just over 3 years ago then life happened, I moved a few times and I thought I'd lost my passwords.  I found you on facebook, have been following you there until a few days ago when I stopped seeing your posts and inquired.  You linked me back to here.  (synchronicity?) I was able to get into the site again after 3 years of being away from it.

In the 3 year interim I fulfilled a karmic debt to someone, felt to move on but didn't.  People were telling me to dump him and don't look back.  I did move out, cut ties and no contact for 30 days but then we became simply friends.  He's in a relationship with someone else but felt moved to buy me a house with property and said he didn't know why.  I don't know either but it's the perfect place for me at this time.  I am happy for him and his partner and we all get along well.

Now he's become my teacher in that I'm having to learn to observe myself instead of just reacting to his control.  I've always had to control every little aspect of my life because of fear, but now learning to let life happen.  The more I observe and change the way I used to react, the faster conflict resolves peacefully.  I feel I've grown by leaps and bounds towards awakening and now am back here again.  I feel I'm on the edge of full knowing and the first livefeed you did recently that I was able to tune in live with you really helped tremendously.

I feel I'm so close to "getting it".  So now the big question...I'm in the U.S. and your 3 books on Breakthrough, 5Gateways & Divinicus are prices in U.K. money.  Where can I order them on my credit card and find out how much U.S. costs are and buy them?  (Give me a specific place to find it or the link to ordering...)   I think they'll be a help to me as I go forward.

I greatly appreciate your assistance in everything.  Here's to the journey forward  :)

Sherri (my real name, unlike the facebook nickname)