Hi dear Openhandfamily,

I could feel so much love in this video- brought happy tears to my eyes.. Ascension is happening and I am so glad to be right in the middle of it- I am a nurse caring for these folks with this virus- I am keeping my vibration high and helping those around me do the same- this has really allowed me to "come out" of my ascension closet and I love it- I was questioning this profession and now I know- I am supposed to be in the trenches right now helping not only the physical sick, but the ascension questioners as well-

I am being careful not to come from an ego point but from an ascension point- I am still being cautious and taking precautions around the physical sick and in my job. There are times where I feel fearful but then I dive right into it and realize THIS IS ASCENSION and these 3D systems have to fall away... 

I am being  told by my benevolent galactic guides that this agenda will back fire on those who released it and only help the ascension and shift process of Gaia.

Stay strong divine beings... the shift is happening. sending love and light out …..