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Hi Open,

I just watched the video and it was awesome!  Brought tears to my eyes.  The great thing about all the shut-downs and making people stay home is so many are now giving full attention to their kids, and families are spending time together and reconnecting like never before.  Surely this would help raise vibrations more.

I've just been outdoors in my new, in-progress garden area and in the woods some today...where I'm happiest and most peaceful.  I do love connecting with Gaia, love getting my hands in the dirt, usually have to stroke leaves or touch "my trees", lean on them and share love.  This place drew me the instant I walked the property and was in the house.  So much natural light and peaceful.  I can grow spiritually here.  My soul wanted to be here and now I live here.  It's always magical how the doors open where I need to be.

Will be reading my new 5Gateways book again tonight.  So much great information in there!

Cheers to you!