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Hi Barbara,

Thank you for reaching out. I am glad I could reflect back to you some signs of synchronicity. It is true that my current job has allowed me to really practice living the 5D in the utmost 3D environment. Some days were harder than others. But indeed a wonderful experience  in which I have grown tremendously.  More recently it has allowed me to confirm what my galactic guides informed me months ago whereas this is no ordinary virus, but manmade and released upon humanity for many dark agendas. 

I would just invite you to see where in your body  (in your chakras) and what  type of feeling you feel when you think about going back into nursing. Is it something you feel is your soul purpose at this time? Does it resonate with you in a peaceful, empowering, sovereign way? (without ego)  It is so important especially at this time to live from that soul place to keep the vibrations high, to not only assist your ascension, but Gaia's as well. While I am grateful for my experiences as a nurse, I am looking to fulfill my soul purpose in other ways such as energy medicine and herbal support (holistic plant medicine). 

Feel free to reach out if you would like to explore further. 

With much love,