Hi Sherri,

I'm glad you're enjoying the book. Slightly Smiling Do you recall the introduction where I said that the pathway can appear as if in reverse when you're a star soul? That's because often, a starsoul comes in awake, still interconnected with the multidimensionality (what constitutes Gateway 5). And often their challenge is to embody into the lower densities.

So I would say that's probably when you need to focus - more in the physcial, emotional and mental expressions in life and work to unravel any attachment in those experiences.

Also the Gateways should not be viewed necessarily as linear. More a multidimensional stair case, where you might be working in several of the Gateways at a time. See then more as a framework for inquiry, and work that way, from the influences you resonate with.

Your experiences of souls moving into a portal sounds very interesting. What more can you recall of it?

Much love

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