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Hi Open,

I recall your book said it can be in reverse.  But, I don't have any knowing or recall that I AM a starsoul or not.  I never thought that could apply to me.  I feel like my memory is so blocked or hidden.  I died when I was 2, an angel told my mom that night and I was in the hospital at the time, had to be resuscitated.  (But I'm not a walk-in like you, or so a channel told me when I asked.)  I was always sickly as a child, in the hospital 38 times, and yet have this powerful healing energy coming out of me for others.  Never could heal myself with it though.   

I definitely have had a powerful healing gift since I was about 6 or 7 years old even though I was always sick.  Others who don't know me somehow "know" I have the healing gift because they've had me do healings.  I've worked in free healing groups and seen the powerful energy that flows through me that boggles my mind and others.  I feel I'm just a conduit for it to flow.  That energy has even blown people next to me out of the way when I reached to touch someone for healing, like a powerful wind.  I've never questioned the gift, I just know it's not like people who take Reiki or other modalities.  Mine is something that just flows, I don't control it, it does what it wants.  Sometimes it will drop a person to the ground, they'll get up after a bit and say they're healed.  It's like a 240 current coming out of my hand.  Powerful but doesn't harm. 

 If I'm a starsoul, that's a surprise to me but it brought up the urge to sob when I read your comment.  My memory needs to come awake.  I feel I'm so close.  It will be about a week before my Divinicus book arrives.  I can't wait to read it!   I don't remember who or what I am.  I know I have the gifts, that's all.

My dream of the souls going into a portal (?) was bright daylight and I just suddenly popped in and was watching.  There was flowing water about knee deep in all directions around this hole, like a waterfall all around the hole, and flowing into it.   I was standing in the same flowing water watching people of all ages, fully clothed, walking, running and/or jumping into this hole.  They seemed eager to go into it, laughing, excited.   I remember watching for a bit and then it was over. 

I think I travel in my sleep as I've healed people at night too and so has my 1st cousin.  We've had identical healing dreams when we were younger and shared them with each other.  I have a name I call her that I don't know where it came from but it sounds like Wee Soppa.  I've always called her that since we were little.  Her real name is Lisa.  The women of my maternal family line have all had some kind of healing gifts, my mom, grandma.  Some healings have been documented.  I was told I've been a shaman, and healers in many lifetimes.

So...after starting to read 5Gateways, I dreamed that first night I was in a house that had a spiral design in the floor.  There was a man, a woman and some children.  I was going to be a part of that family in the dream.  Her name was Trinity and I felt such love for her.  I think it was your Trinity (?) who has a cookbook that I was drawn to and bought it.  I felt such an affinity for her.  I don't know if my dream was prophetic or past life or what, don't even know if it was your Trinity.  But she said that was her name in that dream.  I hadn't even read in the book what you'd written about her yet, so I don't know why I had that dream.  I just want to remember.  It drives me nuts sometimes.  Hopefully Divinicus will blow my memory wide open.  I've never felt I belonged on this planet.

Thank you for writing the books.  Time for me to start remembering if I am a starsoul or not.  Maybe I'm a part of your soul group....

Namaste  :)