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Hi Sherri - wow what a powerful story you share. I've seen and heard plenty of things yet was quite bowled over by it. Praying Emoji

Many people who are here, and especially those who find their way to this work, are clearly, to me, starsouls. I can frequently see in their vibrations the constellations they've likely traveled through. Like the Pleaidies for example. Although I refrain from simply calling it or saying so - I don't wish to create realities for people. I'd much rather offer supportive facilitation - particularly at the workshops. It's also essential to say, that the location itself is much less important than embodying the vibration. That way you build a bridge right here, right now - you bring home here so to speak. So another part of the Openhand meditation work is helping people build those bridges. These then can become portals - which it sounds like you're already experiencing.

The DIVINICUS book should indeed help. Because it will paint the karmic picture of why the situation here is so convoluted and where many starsouls came from to support the realignment here.

Just a question - have you ever experienced angellic presence? Do you ever notice white feathers around you?

Many people come here and lose their memory of where they're from. No worries. All will come back in time.

Much love

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