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Hi Open,

Yes, I see white feathers sometimes and have seen one angel in my room one night in another state I was living in.  Something caused me to wake up in the very early hours, around 3 a.m.,  as I sensed the presence.  It was a huge angel, far bigger than my bedroom doorway, which he was guarding.  He sent me the thought that I need not be afraid, that he was Gabriel and he was protecting me.  I never was afraid and after watching for a couple of minutes I went back to sleep knowing I was in good hands.  I thought maybe there was an intruder in the area or something, I never knew.  That was the only visible angel I've seen.  I've heard the audible voice saying someone needed food.  I seem to be guided in many forms.  I've dreamed I was on a planet that had 2 suns and the water/ocean was still, no waves.  Not sure they had oxygen there.  I do travel in my sleep for sure! 

That made me think last night that the portal thing I shared with you maybe was souls moving into the portal to go to incarnations somewhere?  They were all joyful and happy to be going into it.

I don't see auras or some things, my gifts are different but I've had other spiritual and healers tell me I have a large number of guides and angels around me for this incarnation.  So maybe I am a starsoul, I won't dwell on it if I am.  I've been guided and had these gifts most of my life so I just trust the process now that I've seen it work so much.  But I did really fear I was way behind in the Gateways.  I started re-reading 5Gateways last night and that helped.  

I hope my Divinicus book arrives in a week or so, they've not shipped it yet and so many places on lockdown now, even my state got locked down yesterday.  I thought about seeing if I could find the book locally, will check with a healer friend.  Would be nice to get it soon.

On a joyful note:  I was out planting onions and saw a tiny green frog in my raised bed.  He was so tiny and I love them so much, always put out water for the critters.  I talked to him a bit, offered him a little cap of rainwater.  He just sat looking at me as I was only about a hand length from him.  I dripped a couple  of water drops on him since I used to spray a fine mist on them in my other garden and they'd sing and sit in the mist.  So he wiped across his eye with his cute little hand.  I reached out and very gently touched him with my index finger.  He never moved, just watched me.  Dragonflies will also light on me many times.  But I was enchanted by this adorable little frog.  :)

I will let you know once I get my Divinicus book and see what happens.  I hope to join one of your groups in the U.S. at some point.  I heard they locked down the UK today.  I'd need someone to bring me to WA. state for a retreat there, but it would have an easy flow if it was supposed to be.  That much I know.  I really want to attend one of your retreats and make sure I know how to get free of the blocks.

Much Love to you,