Hi Sherri,

very nice to read about your adventure through the gateways. While reading, i get a sense of calm and softness, like an angelic feather. You might want to read the angelic space here on Openhandweb:


I remember reading the 5 Gateways book some years ago and started instantly judging myself by as how far advanced i would be on my spiritual journey. Back then I was very confident to say that i already crossed the second gateway and was very much approaching kundalini and enligthenment. My ego felt very proud about that.

Later i realized more and more that i somewhat came in 'sideways' into the gateways, so working on all five gateways at the same time before even really finalizing the first gateway. I guess that now, after some more years of processing, i am somewhere in the vicinity of gateway three even though i have processed massive amounts of karma in the fourth gateway. But hey - who cares? 

Like Open says, the 5 Gateways concept is ment to be a framework for inquiry. That means each of the five gateways can give you a hint on how to deal with your current consciousness. It's not an objective of life to pass the fifth gateway as fast as possible and to become a super enlightenend holy being. It's about life itself.

A notion - why don't you purchase the Divinicus e-book?

Much love from Mali,