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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your kind words.  There is so much I feel I need to learn.  It would seem I came into the process in reverse.  That would be sort of typical for me.  I've always started reading books, magazines, cookbooks, etc... in reverse most of my life.  I always seem to start things in reverse, except for the 5 Gateways and for once I started at the beginning.  So the universe must have a sense of humor as big as mine for me to find out this process of mine would appear to be in reverse also.  

About the Divinicus book...I ordered the actual book just a few days ago and it has shipped today!  My energy has tended to blow electrical things sometimes so with the actual books, I'll always have them to read over and over.  I use a laptop computer and don't own a smart phone.  I'm very excited it's on the way here in about a week or so and can't wait to read it.  I'm sure it'll be hugely helpful.

I will read the link you suggested.  I appreciate your suggestions as I'm always willing to learn and grow.   Thank you!

Much Love from the Oregon coast, U.S.A.

Heart  Praying Emoji  Sherri