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Hi Open,

I slept before the 2 a.m. LIve feed last night and was able to make it there live where we all did the meditation.  Before that meditation I had been very short of breath for the last year or more even though doctor visits showed my lungs to sound clear.   I've always had lung issues in early half of my life that caused shortness of breath.

So when we did the meditation I realized I could breathe in much more deeply!  And much of the pain in that area was gone or greatly diminished.  Did I receive a healing?  There was discussion in the comments about Sirian karma.  I wonder if that's where I came from.  I remember you said a planet had collapsed, causing people to have shortness of breath?  Almost all my childhood illnesses caused shortness of breath, lung problems.  I've also had dreams throughout life at times, of being suffocated or not being able to breathe. 

If I processed out karma, is more going to come up in that area?  I've been so used to taking very shallow breaths, that last night and all day today, I've been consciously taking in deeper breaths to keep everything open.  I was even able to walk through rough woods at my friends to look at some trees he'll give me for my yard and I wasn't gasping for air.  It was amazing!

I'm certainly glad I set my alarm and woke up for the 2 a.m. Live feed.  Well worth it!  Today 2 different people seemed really drawn to me for a change,  probably the energy opening up more.   Thank you so much for the meditation.  Now I'm still waiting on my Divinicus book to arrive so I can read it.

Much love,

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