Hi Open,

For the most part things are in flow.  The lock down has actually been a permission slip for me to move away from the external and go more internal.  I can feel what seems to be a permanent shift in myself as I am losing my craving to be social.  I still enjoy connecting with others in a meaningful way and I don't want to be a hermit, but social encounters are less of a priority for me.

I've also been practicing intermittent fasting since the last facebook livestream.  I've tried it before several times but I've never made it more than a few days.  It is still hard but something has shifted in me where I'm able to flow with it this time. 

What is coming up, and has been for a while, is interference with opening and living in my spirit light body.  I am aware that it's caused at least in part from nano bots and artificial intelligence implants.  I can feel the distortions and vibrations in my body.  I can tell they're not something I'm picking up from the field.  Unlike regular implants that are subtle, these send vibrations that radiate through my body and are hard not to notice.   It seems the more work I do on myself and the clearer I become the more of a target I am but it could just be the more I'm able to notice what's going on.  They are able to turn the volume up and down.  When I'm working to release them the volume turns down so it seems like they're gone but then the volume turns back up.  I use shunghite and the entity meditation but I'm not sure if there is more or a better way to protect myself proactively and to release whats already there from my field.