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Hi Eric - good to hear from you. You raise an important topic that I'm sure plenty can identify with Thumbs Up Sign

The word that springs out is "avoidance". Which can happen in so many aspects of life. We subtly avoid what we know might be challenging or uncomfortable - what might push the buttons and triggers. It's essential to bring awareness to this.

It also raises another important point: the requirement for your practice to continually evolve and develop on from what you've always done. The soul shifts, changes and integrates. So it continually needs new ways of expressing and embodying. But it also requires consistency to align with, especially in this density. Therefore there has to be the discipline too.

Where one is at the point of beginning in terms of connecting with the soul, I would say a disciplined approach is essential - sitting and meditating at particular times to break through the inner densities to connect up with the soul - consider how Vipassana works for example. BUT, when you've clearly connected to the soul, the meditations need to become more fluid and flexible. And what you're then watching for, is the current dynamic of the soul that is being activated. Then to work with that - so in this case, you've noticed the avoidance issue.

My suggestion would be to confront it head on. Turn right into it. What are you actually avoiding? Could it be following the soul in a practical moment by moment basis? Is there fear of what that might entail? If that is the case, then feel into it during meditation. You could allow an imaginative journey to unfold of what it might be like if you did completely follow the soul. What changes might you have to face? What do those changes feel like? What does it feel like were you to avoid those changes? So bring this into the meditations and use the Breakthrough Approach to work it through.

So I would say you've reached a point where these kinds of inquiries need to be built into the daily practice. And also to explore some free wheeling on a regular basis too. Just taking off with "show me" and following the flow. Working with what shows up.

In answer to your question about my daily practice, I'll share in a separate post - thanks for asking - that's the first time I've been asked!

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