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Hi Ann - I've watched your practice and embodiment deepen tremendously in the time you've worked with Openhand, which is truly wonderful. The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

The sensitivity to energy has clearly gone through a quantum leap, which has reflected in the support facilitations you've done on recent Openhand gatherings (here's a link to Ann's Openhand Biog for anyone tuning in and requiring a highly empathic facilitation - Ann's Biog). The fact that you can feel these subtle interferences (nano bots for example) is clearly happening not because there's more of them, but because you've become sensitive to the fact that they're there. I find they can make you feel tired and heavy.

It's essential therefore to have cleansing built into the daily practice. This is also where intermittant fasting becomes utterly invaluble. Because it gives the body time to cleanse and reduces the stress on your system - it recovers much easier and quicker. For me, the shift to OMAD (one meal a day) fasting 2 years ago has been an absolute god-send in this regard. Yes it was tough to adapt to. Yes I had to work through triggers - emotional ones that needed some kind of completion for example - some comfort. But nevertheless it is well worth the work. I probably now eat around 50% of what I used to. I believe most people eat way more than they need to and it dampens consciousness, and especially the bodily cleansing mechanism, down. Plus intermittant fasting accelerates the revelation of any inner triggers. Here's our main forum thread on that for anyone else tuning in... Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Secondly metallic detoxing is also highly essential - eating foods like Chlorella (which I know you do). Here are some others that also work for me and my body is naturally drawn to: Blueberries, Musherooms (different types - explore), galic and onions, flax, hemp, chai, Beetroots, Kale (a big one), cellery. It's especially good to juice these and flush through in concentrated form. Actually I also find drinking the odd coffee two or three times a week opens up the digestive system and accelerates the metabolism - this seems to aid in detox.

Deep Breathing Meditations to clear your field on a daily basis are also essential. I apply Openhand's Breakthrough Breathing combined with the Openhand Bow. And I do this regularly through the week and several times together with strong breathing through your system. This will cleanse away a lot of the energetic density.

It's also highly important to cleanse and protect the location where you live. I have a very simply set-up, with no clutter and minimal electronics - all gadgets are switched off and unplugged from the wall sockets when not in use. I use crystals (shungite) to protect the outer boundary and I regularly activate the Toroidal Flow in the space to cleanse away energy - using obsidian to take dense energy down and selenite to help raise the vibration. I burn sage in the room practically every day.

In these dense energetic times, as you get more into your practice and realise the importance of it, then it's really building to the approach of an athlete in this regard.

I trust this helps.

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