I've been asked about what's involved in my daily practice so I felt to share a little here.

Firstly, life itself has become the daily practice - so there's no separation between living and recognising that every single aspect of it is the journey of opening, deepening, self realisation and actualisation. There really is nothing else going on!

But of course I also have (what I call) amplification processes to help clarify and deepen things further.

As I awaken in the morning I'll begin immediately with about 30 minutes of meditation incorporating breathing so as to connect up the Toroidal flow and the bridge into higher dimensions. So I'll use Breakthrough Breathing for this.

Usually I'll then do some creative work here for the website - which is always an internal process of expression too. So it invites the creative aspect, which is an essential part of the souls expression and emergence.

After that I'll do some focussed meditation using the Breathing and the Openhand Bow (several times), lasting probably about an hour. But it's essential to add that I allow for each practice to be unique. The Bow might take on a different emphasis for example - lengthening the breath, holding longer in the crown or base, working on tightness in the body, cleansing OC in the wider field - it all depends on what comes intuitively in the moment. So it's a disciplined practice but with flexibility.

I also find body strength, breathing capacity and heart flow essential to work with. So I do "Trim Dipping" probably around 3 times a week. This is deep conscious jogging (feeling into the mechanisms of the body) mixed with bodywork - some pressups, dips and abdomen work. Plus I find especially working up hills (The Tor!) really good for transcendence. So you attune to the feeling of the density in the muscles, but then let go of judgment of the feelings and transcend through.

I take my one meal of the day around lunch time, which is also a conscious practice - feeling what foods the body needs, with maximum amount of raw for cleansing (see the post on cleansing below).

In the afternoon I'll do an hour or so of sitting meditation, just working to deepen ever further through the inner layers - how still can you get? What higher frequencies can you pick up? After which I'll usually take off for a six senses walk - connecting with nature, feeling the vibes, working to transcend into the higher paradigm.

Late in the afternoon/early evening I'll often do a soulmotion deep consciousness body practice lasting about half an hour, just to maintan flexibility and cleanse away any density that has come up. I'll use different types of music for this so as to accentuate the mood sense, which annimates different frequencies of soul.

In the early evening often there will often be a singing practice singing into the chakras - to keep opening them up further. This might include shamanic drumming to get a deeper sense of etheric connection.

Then later in the evening I'll probably sit in quiet meditation for an hour or so before bedtime. Going to bed is also a conscious practice of cleansing the field and relaxing into rest. Often the evening is spent lucid dreaming or astral travelling - but there's no intention with this. It just goes where it wants to!

In writing this, I realise to some it may sound pretty rigorous, but really there's a lot of relaxation with it and it's become a way of life - to me that's what self-realisation really is. And I'm fascinated in expanding the boundaries of what is possible - what can you experience? I find the whole thing exciting and adventurous - where can you go next? What can you be next?

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