I also feel like I should write a little about my daily practice and where my attention is through out the day.
When I wake up in the morning, I usually meditate for an hour - Openhand bow, Chakra attunement, listening to flute meditation music or just sitting in stillness. I usually have some ginger lemon water in morning and someone recently recommended fruits in the morning is good to cleanse the gut, so I will be trying that out for some time. I'm still doing intermittent fasting eating within a 6 hour window. I have tried switching back to a usual normal diet with 3 meals but it dint really suit me well. So I'm happy to be back doing the fasting. To be honest it's usually easy for me, other than a bit of craving in the night which usually worked out by breakthrough meditation. Actually intermittent fasting is a necessity for me since I have been having indigestion problem and too much food through out the day aggregates it. After breakfast I'm usually in the farm which I really enjoy - connecting with the nature, being creative and productive. Since I'm in the community I have been having a lot of social interaction and there is a lot to be learned from that - not to lose myself in others. Other free time I'm engaged in practising music, playing guitar, singing, learning the flute or playing the Cajon which I have started appreciating so much. I think I lose myself too much in the improving of music skills, I'm jealous of others who can simply express. Still I feel a pull and I don't know any other way. Often we have music sessions and playing and singing together and it's amazing. Evening I sometimes do yoga or some exercise followed by badminton which I love. Other days I usually go for a walk to the waterfall or hills. I also go for hiking atleast once per week. Its easy to get lost in the connection with others and be happy and content in that. And it takes something else entirely to breakout from that and express uniquely. In one of the recent meeting, we were talking about the virus and the future decisions the school would be taking and I couldn't simply hold back but express my view about the same. Though I was met with critisim at that point, it led to some key decision making later. Usually before I speak, there is a welling up from within and fear and tightness at the level of emotions at the same time which to me indicates that I should go ahead with it. Today there was a discussion about fear and I spoke about the law of attraction, and how the situations are actually created by us only but it was not received well at all. And then I understood, what it means to be spiritual and different and how these are not appreciated eventhough it's having all the energetic effect in the field. And that too in a j Krishnamurti school. Im usually very careful about saying anything that would turn others off like soul or dimension or anything. The central fear around which some of my experiences revolve around is the fear of expression and fear of mistakes. And how that would result in judgement, disconnection, embarrassement etc.  
Nighttime, I spent it bymyself without any social interaction - meditating, watching a movie, playing music etc. Most of my meditation are usually spent in clearing the field and feeling the connection and centerdness once again. I have never used crystals or anything of that sort. I wonder how effective it will be in my journey. I live in a very clutter free environment as of now surrounded my nature. I would definelty invite more synchronisties and the flow. Even as I write that there is a hesitancy around it and what it would mean to life in general. Maybe it would make things hard and it won't be easy anymore and I have to get out of my comfort zone more than I want. I have experienced the sovereignty and power in the connecting to something beyond. Someweeks ago I was taking a bath in a nearby pool and I had this question in my mind. What is the difference between connecting to the soul and following it moment by moment? Suddenly my knee hit a rock and pain shooted through my body reminding me that following the soul can be painful as well. My immediate reaction was "I don't need this", which was a judgement I was making towards life. Its also a fear of losing the certainty of what I have done and like doing. 

PS: Thanks for sharing your daily practise open.