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Hi Eric - great that you shared some practical examples of why avoidance might happen. Thumbs Up Sign

This jumped out... There is a deep fear in me for "following my joy" because the rug is always ripped out from under me. 

I absolutely get this. It's because when you follow the soul, you're constantly breaking down the conctructs that you've previously committed to. For example in relationships or in careers or general living circumstances - we often inadertantly dive into the contracts unconsciously. You then 'tear ligaments' in extracting yourself from these constructs.

The way I find of dealing with this is to be more careful and conscious as you embrace each commitment in any given moment.

With relationships for example you become clearer and more transparent about what your true feelings are and you commit to greater authenticity of behaviour. This allows more fluidity into the relationships. So when you follow your joy (your soul), you don't feel like you're constantly breaking things. The rug isn't being continually ripped out from under you.

This is why I feel it importantly to speak about the importance of continual innovation in your life - to embrace progressive change as the driver of it.

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