15/01/2021 Journal Update: Human Ascension is in full swing right now. A dedicated group across the planet have set their compasses into the higher dimensions, out of the bankruptcy of this old paradigm. When you do turn into the ascending wind, there's much work to be done however. That's why it's essential to develop your daily practice - hence my article above...

Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

Where does discipline fit in all this?

This is something we explored last week on our first Thrive in 3D/5D retreat. I would say discipline is crucial and a key aspect of the Ray 1 divine masculine energy, probably blended with some Ray 6 altrusism - always looking towards the bigger picture. However our discipline must not become rigid and unbending. It must not be so focussed as not to be seeing how the landscape shapes in your periphery. So there must be an openness and flexibility with the discipline - a readiness to change and innovative, to constantly develop proceedures and practices.

In my own practice for example, routines always develop, change and adapt, but what I experience, are general rhythms of expression. It's like playing music that's continually evolving. So you do have regular chords you're playing, but always looking for the most authentic way to express them in this moment. It mirrors the fact that the soul is never flowing exactly the same twice - it's always dancing and changing.

With this in mind, I felt to share with you Openhand's video on continual innovation. It definitely keeps everything fresh within your daily approach to the 5D Shift. Let's keep right on developing!


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