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Your videos are always excellently done and uplifting and inspiring, thank you for that, and them. Where I am right now in terms of practice, which is pretty much the beginning, is learning to soften and deepen into myself and "find" that void of presence when i start to contract. Also reminding myself to be present in every moment. Being fully aware of every reaction and thought and working with it in that moment as much as possible. I still tend to "slip away" and go on auto pilot when interacting with others which puts me in a reactive place, and I don't process it until after the interaction, but I do feel like the increased awareness is bringing out more authentic expression nonetheless. Also consciously working on softening when the old anger tape starts playing, and always asking myself where it's coming from and if it serves. Just choosing not to play the old game anymore, and already I'm noticing shifts. This is a very cool new way to be! While holding no illusions I won't fall again many many times, as you said would happen, i'm starting to see the incredible value in those falls. And having faced enough of them already, I find I'm less and less scared to face the hard stuff, and more and more excited by what's emerging! Love💜💜💜🙏