16/02/2021 Journal Update: How do you stop getting derailed by your old density? I'm seeing this question come up for a lot of people in the community right now. It's important to reflect that we're living on a 2-Speed Planet right now, meaning the higher dimensional flow is accelerating, thus exposing the density, bringing it active and detaching it. If you have karmic density still to process, this WILL come active, it WILL derail to some degree and there's no avoiding it if you are to thoroughly release it. HOWEVER, there is a way to minimise the pain and suffering that it can create.

The first is to stay fully conscious in what's going on. Even if you get sucked into density and start to activate it around you. It's utterly essential NOT to go to sleep and simply sleepwalk through your process. Keep exploring, keep watching, keep feeling into what comes up. And keep inquiring - what is this showing me?

Keep feeling into the density and figure out what you were attached to. Maybe it's not being alone. Maybe it's feeling safe and protected in relationship - but then this becomes limitation, inertia and density. If you explore into the attachment and keep illuminating the consequences of creating from this space, you start to realise it simply doesn't serve to succumb to the old density, no matter how comforting it may at first appear to be.

Short term processing pain, is most definitely worth the long term gain!

If you're truly on the path you can't avoid this density. They key is to have a clear process and approach to dealing with it. That's what I shared above in the article on Developing your Daily 5D Shift Process. Do check out Openhand's Breakthrough Approach because it's highly effective. And if you need help understanding the two speed environment we're in right now and working through your karma, do consider the upcoming Thrive in 3D/5D retreat. It's perfectly configured to help you make sense of your journey right now.

And finally today, I felt to share this superlative TED presentation with the poet David Whyte, where he's talking about the path, and leaving behind that which no longer serves. Then having the courage to step into the unknown. It's about 20 minutes, but every moment a jewel, and so well worth the engagement...


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