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Hi :) just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, could be my story that you wrote down there.I know that doesn't help, but I also know it DOES help. I am at the beginning of finding a way with the gift of feeling energy all the time, so I can't really give advise, but what helped me so far was training my brain into seeing the positive and focusing on enjoying the smallest things, because that brings the brain into a more positive level.i know it is hard to believe and seems really redicoulus when you are on the bottom,but it is actually scientifically proven that that helps and it is only the first if you manage that, the next step from there is possible and doable. I started with meditations where you shake the body, i don't like it so much because of the sweatting, but i think it is important to connect to your body again and to listen to him.I get panic attacs more and more and when that happens, i speak with my body and ask him what he wants.mostly he wants air and stretching. when you have these two things,positiver mind, ie enjoying the wonder of how your body transforms food into hair simply by turn over and processing it and a moving body, it is a fundament to change.that s where I am now, so nothing further so far. But words i recieved from my future me where 'move, celebrate life, it is good'. They push me and are so strong that i feel i can deal with the dark side of humans again, i collect 'no's and fight against them, my subject is animal rights. All the best, Fe