Thank you for the wonderful Facebook stream meditation. I could not attend it live but tuned in yesterday. I may not always comment , but know I am tuning in daily either on the website or Facebook,  and I am looking forward to your perspective. 

I have been busy in the 3D world taking care of these patients, but I have been even busier in the 5D- I hope one day to share this experience with the openhand family in person as it has been quite phenomenal... literally being on both sides of the coin;  but has provided such growth, insight, bridging beings together in the 5D realm- it can be quite exhausting but awakening and purposeful at the same time. 

The facebook stream yesterday touched my heart because it took me back to the Seattle retreat this time last year and I remembered how we sang into the chakras when the group was in the forest on our walk. I see it so clearly.....the tree I was leaning on gave me such peace as its spirit wrapped around me …. I am not sure if Seattle will happen this year but I am asking the Universe to show me the answer... hopefully England will happen in June and July. (It is quite synchronistic as well that I did all my name changes, passport, real ID , etc in mid February before the lockdown- although no sign of passport yet, hopefully it will arrive soon) .

 I look forward to your post soon in regards to your perspective- as I write this I know wonderful things are happening up and through this dark agenda (that is failing) .

Sending much love 

BetsyPraying Emoji