Hi Open, after the release and high energies I experienced at the lifestream, I felt to sit with it the next day. Feeling in to it, letting it be, being aware. I told you at an earlier lifestream I have been working for some time (years) with the tightened throat chakra, when I sat with it the day after the lifestream there was a breakthrough. An opening through which an ancient energy came. I felt full of compassion and love. And felt to express gratitude for what it had  given me in my need to become aware of it. I found a place where it could go, another world where it could evolve and we were assisted  in the proces by higher dimensional  beings. I felt so full of love. Then through my throat came a long string of connected beads of energies that could leave now that  an opening out and into the other world was made. Quite an experience. I can feel a shift has been made. The energy flows unhindered. I am excited to learn your experiences. 
love to all openhanders, Anita