We're entering a new phase of the system narrative behind the lockdown - how it now becomes a political football - especially in the US. And gearing people up for a second wave ahead of a vaccine. Beware of getting pulled into these narratives. Watch them, discern how they might effect you physically, BUT, know that our destiny lies elsewhere than this ongoing charade.

Keep going within. Keep softening through density. Keep opening up. During this pandemic, I can tell you important shifts have happened for me personally. I feel ascended in the 5D now - centred there, and there's a tremendous sense of freedom that goes with it. That's definitely the movement that Openhand is now here to inspire in people.

The chakra opening and attunement meditation is designed to help people open up to the higher dimensions and allow the light of the soul to flow in. It's something I would encourage. Maybe you already have an effective breathing meditation for attuning the chakras - great. If not, you might want to sample the Openhand one, which emanates from the ancient Kriya Yoga...

Openhand Chakra Opening and Attunement