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Dear Open, 

When you first posted about 5 D honestly I wasn't feeling it at all. I was feeling in fact very heavy. A lot of anger against control and grief I had to wade through.

I have retrieved some important soul fragments. Marye helped me regree to a couple of lives where I was literally hanged from the ceiling for talking against authority and it took me a couple of weeks to totally feel into it. As I did though, I released a lot of blocks around the throat and now I find Ray 4 coming up for me. I am able to now express so as to not entirely dismiss the others narrative and yet keep my own truth at center stage. Also I learnt how a block in throat Chakra for me expressed as either totally shouting out against authority or resentful acquiescence.

I am still feeling anger and grief but in the last few days something else as well. I can't put it in words. It's as if something lighter is weaving into my soul. Something real, subtle but very real. And despite the fact that lockdown has been extended and the situation is actually a little worse, I feel okay. Good, upbeat. It's very strange and different. It's almost as if the container has enlarged and there is room for so much more emotional processing. And Joy! And a feeling that no matter what, things will be okay 

I am sorry if it seems like I am babbling. My heart is just so uplifted at times despite the lockdown. Dare I ask, is this what you mean by 5D?