Thank YOU so much for all your amazing support. I don't tune in often, but when I need to, I do.

The energy out there is so thick and distorting at the moment. I feel myself at times wading through and being pulled in, suffercated in grief and sadness. And then my energy changes and the potential of a beautiful new way just springboards me up through the ether, my soul dances and anything is possible.

I'm on the knife edge of possibility.

Having meditated on the 'dark' direction, this also I know, would come with a beauty, because I know that whatever happens, this is within me, whatever the circumstances, however life is, it is within my power for it to be great!

Such interesting times, so much is coming up in me, challenging my ways of thinking; really it is such a profound time, for which I am truly grateful.

And to know that I've been training for this my whole life and that I will play an important part in this shift just makes it all the more precious.

I wish for the continued awakening for people all over the world and for all to know peace within.