Hi Everyone,

the new earth grid is really an astonishing thing going on.

My mom told me about it some years back, that she had received the task to clean and nourish it - what she did daily for about a year between mid 2018 and mid 2019. We talked about it often and the development was amazing. First it was a grid of fine lines where she had to clean up clouds of emerging smoke every day. Then the lines gradually became thicker and more luminous and there were less lower energies hanging around. At the end it was a brilliant shining ball of light, where you would not be able to distinguish the lines any longer.

Now, for me, it looks crystal clear and shining, and it permeates all the inside of the earth to the core, where sits a great quarz crytal that shines in all directions to connect to the hearts of all beings living in and on earth. Quite a beautiful sight, i love connect to it every day in my morning routine.

Like you said, Open, attuning the Chakras helps a lot. For me it was most important to start working actively with the chakras 8 to 12 and it feels very liberating above my head.

Wonderful times now, very amazing.