Hi All , 

Today , i was given a fabulous opportunity to Help random people shift from the fear narrative into 

a more softening version of themselves . 

As i entered a supermarket & lightfully engaged with another customer ( joking at the fact we need to master patience nowadays & some humour ) , we were suddenly verbally attacked ( projected at ) by a woman with a mask . She was on the other side of the fruit area shouting at us without having greeted us previously in any given respectful way . Wow !! That was a wild situation . while writing this , i can help but giggle still ......😀

So , as i have often been the target of people projecting their fears , anxiety or pend up stuck emotions at me , it felt like a great test to keep my Soul aligned ground & express authentically from the heart .

She was directing her Anger ( hiding fears underneath ) at both of us and so i directly engaged with her to bring  attention towards how we felt with that free distorted projection . This is what she was shouting out loud :

" You are putting people in danger for not wearing masks & i can't tolerate anymore people who don't comply with that safety measure & are spreading the virus around , specially for us  !! " I than replied with a grounded open voice : " well , i will not comply with that nonsense measure any day soon & U have no right to bash me that way based on your fears . Nobody is harming anyone , i  sense its just your belief . U may have to work on your fear issue going on .I can help u in that matter if u feel like  " . Everybody around at that point could hear the strong exchange going on for 2 short mins . I made sure the arguments coming in don't last long as to dissipate the fear , anger & resentment tensions  she had in her . 

than as i went on walking towards the items i was about to pick up else where ,  2 of supermarket young girls busy re-arranging an alley tried to make me feel like my authentic expression was wrong . So , again , as a situation facilitator , my duty was to clear the projections thrown at me . They claimed i had created a Scandal ( LOL 😅) ... that nearly made me laugh but i kept my grounded composure and replied : 

" If expressing oneself Authentically is creating a so called scandal , than why so many are afraid of doing so ? " ... and left them with that question . 

As i went by some alleys few mins later , intuition guided me at the back of the supermarket for no specific reason . I than was delighted to witness the shouting lady talking ( without mask this time , the mask went off i guess after our clearing exchange 👌 ) with some of the supermarket clerks busy piling bottles of water . She seemed to be laughing at the situation & maybe herself . It felt pretty amazing as i could sense how i catalyzed a shift in her .....apparently very benevolent . the great thing is : I don't attach any importance on the outcome of how i am given to Be - even when feeling very surprised or caught off guard  like today . I knew it was my duty to express how it feels to be Blamed at for no valid reason & I managed that as it was . It felt a bit raw but aligned & purposeful . it had finally  a positive impact to help someone unpack a big load of repressed fear / anxiety . I truly felt supported by the New Grid in some way & everyone played its given role in the scene . The other guy i was engaged with before the shouting quickly vanished as i took the lead of expression . he must have felt " Jeeez , that's a quick response , so lets get out of here  LOL " .

few Minutes later , as i came to the cashier to pay for the items i bought  , i did not feel that were any pend up heavy energies around & did not cross the lady anymore . Wow , what a confirmation about the very deep impact we can have on a larger scale while cleaning a situation with just one stranger . It felt delightful , light , empowering &  very encouraging for anyone still struggling to figure out how to Be the change we would love to see out there . Its best when spontaneous of course but its not necessarily easy to master . Its a constant ongoing inquiry " How do your want me to be in this situation ? " 

Namaste , Jean Bluehopi