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I'd say challenging wearing a mask, in a compassionate way, is a very important thing indeed, especially as the World Health Organisation is coming forwards strongly supporting them in public. In the UK it is now a requirement to wear them on public transport - and in some other countries.

Just consider it for a moment what the masks do and say: firstly there's no scientifc basis that supports they prevent the spread of the virus. In fact the reverse is true - they lower the immune system and make people more vulnerable by impeding their breathing, plus virus particles are a faction of the size of the fabric gaps, although bateria may be then held in the masks, which is detrimental to the health of people wearing them. So why are the powers-that-be so insistent, especially as the virus is now greatly diminshed?

I would say it's becasue it conveys the idea that we are still in a pandemic of some kind; it heightens the sense of fear and control; it readys people for other measures, other waves - it's a baseline for this "new norm" of systemic control. And they tend to prevent people from connecting.

This is why I think it's so important to challenge. But we do als have to be careful not to create an "us and them" situation - those accepting the program against those who don't. Again this is what the powers-that-be want - they want the "good" citizens becoming the police against those who won't accept the program. I'd say its the same with "trackntrace".

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